Somebody asked me on a real date????
This guys came in all smiles and shit and started making small talk and then at the till he was like “I like your hair blah blah blah do you wanna go for a coffee?” I almost had a god damn heart attack…
Anyways I told him sorry but no im really nt in the mood for another relationship, besides im going home in like a week so no point really uAu
Still, nice to know im appealing I guess?

The problem with the things I hate is that everyone else in the fucking world is obsessed with them and I literally cant escape it


I almost had to pay for my classes and tuition out of pocket.
Luckily my rich grandmother is gonna spot me the money until financial aid comes in.
Thank the lords for rich grandmothers.

Tell your rich grandmother theres some things Id like her to buy for me,


do we need more young queer characters? yes.

do we need more young queer characters that hate themselves and keep wishing they were straight and/or cis? no. we really don’t.

holy fuck like imagin if they made POC characters who hated themseves and wanted to be white HELLO STOP DOING THIS QUEER PEOPLE DONT WANT TO BE STRAIGHT OR CIS IF WE DID WE WOULD BE???

elucida replied to your post “this is never gunna get done because I got fed up and broke up with…”

This still looks pretty wicked. I’m sure someone else could fill it. (: So sorry to hear about what happened. ;; *hugs* If you need to talk, you can message me any time. (:

thanks El uAu <333 youre super sweet as always

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----- what is your allegiance? [[aqua]] [[magma]]


----- what is your allegiance? [[aqua]] [[magma]]
Mana found some frogs so now im going outside to play with smelly frogs

Mana found some frogs so now im going outside to play with smelly frogs

All I wanted was to eat the chicken that was smarter then other chicken and absorb her power.
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